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Sensor data as a starting point for building and terrain automation

Our customer is a large chemical company that operates over 25,000 different sensors on its factory premises: from intrusion and fire alarms to video feeds and weather data.

rising systems has consolidated all data in a central system and visualized them using CAD plans. The data collected in this way is used for extensive control and automation of processes. For example, wind force measurement data is used for the operation of the sun protection system. If the wind is too strong, the blinds are automatically retracted. We can already create such automation using Internet weather data, but in this case the customer even operates his own weather station on the premises, which we have connected.

The automations become particularly interesting when it comes to accidents and emergency situations. Errors are then avoided and important seconds are saved, which in the end can make the difference.


In addition to the automation, the meaningful visualization alone has brought our customers considerable advantages. In the event of an alarm, you have all the necessary information very clearly and at a glance.

Dietmar Vetten

Sales, rising systems AG


  • WinGuard


  • 25.000 Data points
  • Fire alarm system
  • Intrusion alarm system
  • Video surveillance
  • Perimeter protection
  • Weather sensors
  • Climate control



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