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Safety in chemistry

A chemical company uses WinGuard for central administration, a system that rising systems specializes in, implements, maintains and expands for customers.

Various safety data are available via the system – including information from fire detectors installed in over 50 buildings.

For the fire detectors, a planning tool was created that is web-based and integrates seamlessly into WinGuard. Using the planning tool, control matrices can be created and hardware and control cabinet information can be stored.

Before using our tool, the technicians had to manually record and process the data. Thanks to our software, this can now be automated and significantly reduces the error rate (from 15% to 0.3%) and saves about 330 working hours per technician per year. Time that can now be used more sensibly.

The tool is constantly being further developed. For example, a function for automatic test reports has already been added.

The networking of systems and the merging of data from different sources opens up new possibilities. This project is a fine example.

Michael Rupietta

WinGuard Expert, rising systems AG


  • WinGuard interface
  • Angular (Typescript)
  • web application (PHP)
  • MySQL


  • 20.000 Fire detectors
  • Error rate reduced from 15% to 0.3%
  • 330 working hours per technician saved



Budget (in TEUR)


Fire alarm

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