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Mobile sports facility registration

Our customer, a municipality, approached us with the request to examine the sports facilities in the urban area with regard to the real use by the citizens or sports clubs and institutions.

For this purpose, a large number of people should drive to the sports facilities on-site and document the actual use there. A real overall picture of the sporting activities in the municipal facilities should be created in order to be able to plan further improvements in sports promotion in the city area on the basis of this data.

The municipality uses a system for the administration of the sports facilities, in which bookings are recorded for each segment of use of a facility. The data had to be read out of the system and then (several) visit dates had to be calculated for different data collectors and routes planned. A total of over 1,000 usage times had to be checked in over 100 facilities

During the review, the number of people doing sports, the type of sport, and many other data are to be collected – including the condition of the facility. A photo of the sports group should also be taken on the occasion.

rising systems has developed a web platform that allows the central data management as well as the planning of the reviews, the data entry, the evaluations and an interface to the booking system.

A mobile application for data collection was developed for the data loggers, which works even when there is no connection to the Internet.

In the photos, the faces of the people were automatically recognized and made unrecognizable in order to enable data protection-compliant documentation of use.

The implementation took place with only two developers in seven one-week sprints. The total budget for the development was 35 TEUR.



  • Web portal (PHP)
  • Mobile Anwendung (Flutter)
  • AWS Lambda
  • Face Recognition


  • Automatic face recognition
  • Data protection compliant image processing
  • Data import and export interface
  • Offline use
  • Map displays



Budget (in TEUR)