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Automated processing of legal cases using artificial intelligence

We accompanied our customer at an early stage and developed the digital business model with them and worked out the minimum viable product (MVP). After a feasibility study, a fully functional prototype was developed, which is then available to a closed user group.

A central component of the business model is the automated case processing of consumer law cases, which are usually too insignificant for most law firms as they involve only a small amount in dispute but high expenses.

Automation helps to process legal cases significantly more cost-effectively and thus also to help these consumers to get their rights.

The technological core consists of several components, all of which have already been developed by rising systems. This includes a fully automatic and self-developing analysis of the legal case and an assessment. The creation of claim letters, dispatch and further processing were also automated.

The MVP includes the complete process – from the user-centered collection of customer and case data to communication with customers and the assertion of claims, etc.

The development happened agile, iterative, in sprints and was further developed through constant feedback.

In addition to artificial intelligence, usability was also a priority in product development.


This is a fine example of an innovation project. Almost all parameters were unknown at the start of the project. In such situations, an agile and lean approach is recommended.

Sebastian Witzmann

Board, rising systems AG


  • Cloud application (AWS)
  • Machine Learning


  • Automatic speech recognition
  • Self learning text analysis
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Complex case processing
  • Digital business process
  • Very high degree of automation
  • B2C product



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