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Artificial intelligence in HR

As part of an agile product development, an enterprise web application was created that connects people in companies with the ideal work challenges.

The problem is known to everyone: As soon as an organization is larger than a dozen people, you no longer know who can do what and what experience they have. This is completely unthinkable when a company employs several hundred people. 

PONE AI solves this challenge with artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

Personnel data is extensively analyzed, as well as the information about the filling position or role or the project. Other data, such as the environment of challenges and strategic plans, are also taken into account. 

After the analysis, a complex matching happens: The software presents suitable suggestions and enables the filling of positions and roles via the software. 

We have accompanied the product from the very beginning and fully developed it. 


The use of artificial intelligence in the HR sector is a critical success factor, but at the same time also of extreme complexity, so an agile approach was necessary here.
Jeanne Witzmann



  • Asp.NET Core
  • C#
  • Angular / TypeScript
  • Azure SQL
  • Azure DevOps
  • swagger
  • xUnit
  • Bootstrap


  • Use of ML in different places
  • complex heuristics
  • Winner of the German Innovation Award 2020



rising systems wins the German Innovation Award 2020 with AI software

The jury’s reasoning:

“Assessing employees in terms of their skills and talents in order to make the best use of them in the company is highly complex and has so far been poorly implemented in many companies.” The jury emphasizes the special benefit for the user: “The new self-learning software PONE AI promises successful matches of personnel and tasks, which results in both an increase in the quality of work and a high level of employee motivation.” The jury’s conclusion: “A powerful tool for a new form of employee leadership, whose potential for the future can hardly be underestimated.”

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