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Classic project management was yesterday – today agility is very popular, such as Scrum. But what’s behind it? What is the process for agile projects? And how can companies benefit from more agility?

Questions about questions that our agile coach Markus Kraus answered in detail during our roundtable on June 26, 2019. In addition, the guests of the roundtable shared their experiences with classic and agile projects and thus contributed to an exciting discussion with mutual broadening of horizons. The event provided all participants with various insights as well as applications in the areas of project management, sales, security, real estate and politics.

Feedback from participants:

“I already knew some of Scrum, but today I was able to take a lot of new things with me. I particularly liked the interactive interaction.”

“Scrum is an important foundation for successful collaboration and I got a lot of ideas at today’s roundtable. Personally, I will see how I can implement Scrum even more consistently, as it is the constant repetition that brings a quality standard.”

We are already looking forward to the next roundtable in our house, to which all interested parties are cordially invited – we will inform you of the appointment in a timely manner.